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About Us

Hero provides a full suite of investment banking services. We are happy to discuss your needs and to support your evaluation of strategic alternatives as you determine the proper course of action for your business


Hero advises on all aspects of sell-side and buy-side mergers and acquisitions, and provides ongoing strategic advice to ensure that our clients’ senior executives and their boards have the information they need to make optimal decisions. Our sector expertise, relationships and experience provide our clients with a significant competitive advantage.

Sell-Side Advisory

Any successful sale process is the result of a well-conceived corporate strategy. The key to a successful sale process is planning — not just in the months, but in the years leading up to a transaction. We welcome the opportunity to meet with business owners to discuss strategies for optimizing a sale process.

We are also happy to recommend tax and estate experts to work with you to ensure equity holders are able to retain and direct the proceeds of a sale as they see fit.

Hero then works with clients to implement a transaction strategy to optimize desired results, including value maximization, employee and business continuity, and client relations. Our services cover all aspects of the sale process, including properly presenting the company in offering materials, contacting a targeted list of buyers in a discreet manner so as not to disrupt ongoing operations, managing buyer diligence and investigation, and negotiating with prospective buyers to achieve optimal results.

Buy-Side Advisory

Acquisition-driven growth is frequently the fastest way to generate shareholder value. Hero assists clients in this process by working hand-in-hand with management, effectively becoming the client’s outsourced corporate development team. In order to identify potential acquisition candidates, we help clients delineate their long-term corporate strategy, and then undertake a comprehensive candidate search based on our client’s strategic, operational and financial criteria. We then work with our clients to develop an effective strategy for successfully presenting, negotiating and completing the identified transaction.

Hero takes an active part in all aspects of the process. This can include performing a thorough analysis of the target’s business, competitive position, future prospects, financial condition, management team, customers and legal matters. We help determine the appropriate value to be paid for a target, and identify any synergistic benefits that might be realized from the acquisition. We then work with all parties to structure and negotiate the terms of the transaction in order to successfully complete the acquisition on the best possible terms for our client.


Hero delivers customized financing solutions, sourcing all forms of capital, including equity, mezzanine and debt. Hero is known for our creative solutions to financing challenges, supporting clients including early-stage growth companies, profitable companies seeking debt and/or equity for organic and acquisition-driven growth, and mature companies seeking shareholder liquidity.

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

Hero provides valuations and fairness opinions to boards of directors, independent advisory committees and companies engaged in acquisitions, divestitures, or restructurings. Our opinion-preparation process includes conducting rigorous financial and market analysis, and performing thorough due diligence. We are focused on providing objective and fully studied opinions that can be comprehensively defended.

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